The Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) is an all-Ukrainian organization of employers which stands for strengthening the employers' role in Ukraine and abroad.

At present, the FEU unites over 80 sectoral and regional organizations of employers representing the most important sectors of the economy of Ukraine such as machine building, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical industry, energy, medical and microbiological industry, constructing, light and food industry, services sector.

The Federation represents over 8.5 thousand enterprises collectively employing over 5 million people and generating about70 % of the national GDP.

Due to the FEU, a new position - the position of business has emerged in Ukraine.

The FEU has been developing four key areas:
1. Establishing effective and equal cooperation with the government, trade unions and other partners.
2. Development of international relations.
3. Implementation of its own projects and initiatives.
4. Intra-organizational development of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.